Zimbabwe Political Parties And Candidates Pledge For Peaceful, Free, Fair And Credible Elections

We, the Political Parties of Zimbabwe, fully cognisant of our Constitutional obligations to ensure that our elections are peaceful, free, fair and credible;
desirous of to promote national cohesion, unity, peace and stability and recognising our primary responsibility, as leaders of political parties and of our candidates, members and supporters, to fully respect the democratic right of every Zimbabwean to freely choose their leaders in a peaceful and informed, manner hereby pledge to

  1. Promote and fully comply with the provisions of the Code of Conduct for Political Parties contained in the Fourth Schedule of the Electoral Act 2018
  2. Individually and collectively promote a climate of peace and tolerance in all electoral processes and respect the rights of all political parties, candidates and stakeholders to freely canvas and campaign
  3. Ensure that all citizens’ rights to freedom of expression, personal choice and secrecy of the ballot are guaranteed.
  4. Refrain from inducing fear in citizens, hate speech and publicly campaign against all forms of violence, intimidation, force, undue influence, reprisals and all other electoral malpractices
  5. Publicly condemn and unreservedly dissociate from any action that may undermine the free and fair conduct of elections, including violence, coercion, intimidation, bribery and any other electoral malpractices.
  6. Condemn all individuals, organisations and associations that formally or informally conduct political activities which infringe on the commitments of the Code of Conduct and threaten peaceful and credible elections.
  7. Take disciplinary measures in case of non-compliance with the Code of Conduct by party candidates, members or supporters; work with institutions and processes prescribed in the Code of Conduct to resolve disputes through dialogue and collaborate with law enforcement agents and judicial authorities to prevent and penalise electoral offenders as provided for by the Electoral Act.
  8. Call for equitable access to the public and private media for all political parties.
  9. Accept the results of elections, where there is a dispute, challenge the results through the due process of the law.
  10. Respect the rights of all citizens, in particular women and children and take definitive stand against electoral violence, intimidation, hate speech before, during and after elections.
  11. Give wide publicity to this pledge and the Code of Conduct and ensure that our candidates, members and supporters are familiar with the Code of Conduct and their obligation to comply with its terms.

Signed on this 26th and 29th day of June 2018 at Rainbow Towers Hotel, Harare, Zimbabwe
by Presidential candidates or their representatives from these parties:

  • National Constitutional Assembly
  • Bethel Christian Party
  • Build Zimbabwe Alliance
  • United Democratic Front
  • Democratic Opposition Party
  • Brian Taurai Mteki (Independent)
  • Coalition of Democrats
  • New Patriotic Front
  • Movement for Democratic Front – Tsvangirai
  • United Democratic Movement
  • Freezim Congress
  • Alliance for the People’s Agenda
  • Rebuilding Zimbabwe Party
  • Zimbabwe Partnership for Prosperity
  • Movement for Democratic Change – Ncube
  • Movement for Democratic Change Alliance
  • Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front
  • United Democratic Alliance
  • National Patriotic Front
  • People’s Rainbow Coalition
  • Republic Party of Zimbabwe
  • National Alliance of Patriotic & Democratic Republicans

Witnessed by National Peace and Reconciliation Commission Chairperson, Retired Justice Selo Masole Nare
and Deputy Chairperson, Lilian Chigwedere