Who We Are


A Peaceful Zimbabwe for all generations


Uniting Zimbabweans for sustainable peace by developing mechanisms for resolving violent conflicts of the past and institutionalising approaches for preventing their recurrence in the future.

Core Values

  • Confidentiality: Ensuring trust, respect and protection of the information and documents entrusted to the NPRC by the victims of violence. This is in respect to the victim’s dignity and recognition of the need to redress the past and ensure a sustained peace for Zimbabwe.
  • Inclusivity: Serving and encompassing Zimbabwean citizens with special recognition of the marginalised groups including women, youth and people with disabilities.
  • Ubuntu: The African spirit of “togetherness” that embodies the essential human virtues; compassion and humanity.
  • Victim-Centred: Providing the support, opportunities and empowering affected individuals as engaged participants in the peace and reconciliation process.
  • Transparency: A commitment towards openness, honesty and accountability in the duties and responsibilities of the NPRC to the citizens of Zimbabwe.