The Healing, Reconciliation and Rehabilitation (HRR) Committee’s function is;

a) ensure post conflict justice, healing and reconciliation (b) develop and implement programmes to promote national healing, unity and cohesion in Zimbabwe and the peaceful resolution of disputes (c) bring about national reconciliation by encouraging people to tell the truth about the past and facilitating the making of amends, (d) develop procedures to ensure that persons subjected to persecution, torture and other forms of abuse receive rehabilitative treatment and support (e) recommend legislation to ensure that assistance, including documentation is rendered to persons affected by conflicts, pandemics or other circumstances.

The HRR Committee is to facilitate the fulfilment of these functions by providing opportunities for people affected by violence to share/narrate their experiences. From these experiences the Committee develops appropriate healing and reconciliation activities/programmes. The work of this Committee relies on collaboration with other NPRC departments and various stakeholders from Government, Church, Civil Society to name just a few.

 Major Programs

  • Community Healing
  • Trauma Healing
  • Mental health and wellness
  • Awareness raising on Healing and Reconciliation

We are “Leaving no one behind” in our Peace building work as the Healing Reconciliation and Rehabilitation unit of the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission.